Inspirational Ideas

Your ceremony is uniquely you and special. Enjoy this day with love, inspiration and laughter and most importantly, have fun!

Here are some sample questions I may ask my couples when I meet them;

  • When was the moment you knew they were the one?
  • Tell me about your first date?
  • What do you like to do together or Individually?
  • Where is your favorite destination spot?
  • What’s special about your relationship?
  • Describe each other in 3 words.
  • What are you looking for in your new life together?

Here are some suggested fresh ideas for your wedding;

  • Eclectic Table Decor
  • Modern or Traditional Romance
  • Vintage Book Accents
  • Wine Display
  • Polaroid Guestbook
  • Dessert Wall
  • Dessert trolley
  • Vintage Lemonade Stand

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